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Enjoy Everything Community Living Has to Offer

You should feel comfortable calling our community “home.” That’s why we’ve put in significant time and effort designing a place where you can receive 24/7 care, socialize with new and old friends, and live the lifestyle you want.

We take your needs very seriously. Whether you need support emotionally, physically, or mentally, our compassionate staff are always here to help. You can find your place in one of our 3 levels of care, each of which will support you differently so you can thrive.

Our Community

Enjoy the Massachusetts countryside and just greenery surrounding All American Assisted Living at Wareham. We’re also just down the road from local shops and trendy restaurants that you’re welcome to visit at any time. It’s our main priority to ensure you’re living happily and healthily when you’re with us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the finest quality senior living that emphasizes the important family values of compassion, integrity, and respect.

Our Core Values


Our team is made up of genuinely compassionate people who respect your right to feel emotions. We encourage you to feel everything you need to at the moment and will always be there to support you.


To us, integrity means doing the right thing, even when nobody’s watching. Our team works hard to ensure you get the care you need whenever you need it.


At All American Assisted Living at Wareham, respect is a fundamental human right. No matter who you are or what you do, you’re guaranteed to receive the same consideration we would want to be treated with.

See What Community Living Looks Like

We’d love to show you around our community at Wareham. Find us just off Rosebrook Way beside Southcoast Health Family Medicine!

Our Address

300 Rosebrook Way
Wareham, Massachusetts 02571

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Phone: 774-678-0513



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