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Helping Seniors Accept the Help They Need

When someone has been largely independent their entire life, it can be a huge step to give up that independence—even if it’s the right thing to do. There are independent living communities that allow an aging adult to retain as much independence as possible. Sometimes, an assisted living situation is a better and safer option, […]

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Why Does My Hip Replacement Hurt?

Why Does My Hip Replacement Hurt? Whether you’ve recently gotten an implant or got one a long time ago that’s now giving you trouble, there’s no need to panic. Our bodies can experience pain for a lot of reasons, but the good news is there are plenty of remedies to help you. Whether you are […]

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What Are the Activities of Daily Living?

As we age, daily tasks can become more strenuous, and when these daily activities become difficult to manage, additional support can help you live safely and comfortably. Assisted living can support older adults who are struggling with everyday activities. This lifestyle allows residents to live as independently as they like with the knowledge they have […]

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